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Technique to Teach Puppy to Sit

Teaching your puppy to sit, is one of the first things you will need to teach him. This is the “lifeline” behavior for your dog, and you will be rewarded if your puppy sits on cue. There are several different methods you can use to teach puppy to sit, depending on how fast you want your dog to learn the technique. Keep in mind that while any of these dog training techniques may work with some dogs, other dogs may not be able to learn this technique.

First, let’s take a look at why you would want to train your puppy to sit. Situations that occur while training your dog to sit include, but are not limited to, sitting at the table, waiting for your kid at the bus stop, or even when you go to the store. Dogs that are taught the “sit” command have a much more relaxed relationship with their owners. They are more likely to listen to commands they know as well as being more compliant towards your training methods.

Training your puppy to sit with the clicker technique involves placing the clicker a few feet behind your dog. You then say the command for your dog to sit and wait for him to do it. When he finishes sitting, give the click and the praise for good behavior. Some dogs have problems with timing, and for them the click and praise method are not always effective. For these reasons, I would recommend you either go through extensive dog training classes or hire an obedience coach to teach your dog to sit.

Another technique to teach puppy to sit is done with the verbal collar. There are a few different collars you can use in order to teach your dog to sit, but the basic principle is the same. The idea is to have your dog sitting on the collar whenever you give the verbal command for him to sit. You will need a collar to achieve this, but here are the details of what you can expect when you buy one:

You can choose a collar that stimulates a clicking sound or one that makes a “thunk” noise. In any case, you should not take your dog for a walk unless you have the correct collar on him. Clickers are much easier for dogs to understand than the regular clicking noise that you get from electric shock collars. The collar will also be useful in training sessions and it will be far more effective.

One more technique to teach puppy to sit is to take your dog to the park. While he is there, make sure that he is not allowed to run around on the grass. When he gets stubborn about sitting still, lead him to the spot where there is grass. Once there, say the command for him to sit and lead him to his spot. Once there, give him his treat and praise him profusely.

Do not scold your dog, if he does not sit quietly and properly. He may have gotten tired and overwhelmed by running around and playing with other dogs. It is always best to reward your dog with something good if he performs the correct task. In addition, do not hesitate to give your dog more treats and praise when he successfully sits. If your dog understands what you want him to do, he would be able to understand what you mean when you say the command.

Finally, make sure that your dog has a comfortable place to sit. This means that he must be able to relax and not feel trapped in his collar. A dog like this is easily distracted and may not sit quietly when you want him to. Do not make a habit of walking him to and from every room because it would only confuse him.

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