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The Best Dog Food For Shih Tzu

What’s the best dog food for Shih Tzu’s? Many people ask this question when they buy Shih Tzu puppies and see the cute little puppies staring back at them from the pet shop. Shih Tzu puppy food reviews can help you answer this question and a great way to determine what the best dog food is for your pet is by reading what other owners have said. After all, you want to give your dog the best food possible.

How much protein should a Shih Tzu dog food contain? Surprisingly enough, it depends. Shih Tzu’s requires more protein than most dogs, which explains the large amount of protein in their food. Shih Tzu’s need ten percent protein for growth and repair, so a half a percent protein is a good figure to keep in mind. You can buy canned dog food that has higher percentages of protein, but it’s usually unnecessary since fresh food can provide all the necessary proteins.

How many calories should a Shih Tzu puppy food contain? Surprisingly enough, it depends. A puppy needs many more calories than an adult dog does. An adult shih tzu may have twice the amount of calories as a small adult dog, so it’s important to choose a protein level that is high, not a low one. And because an adult shih tzu may have lost a lot of weight while a puppy is growing, you want to feed your adult dog as little as possible when it comes to calories.

What if I feed my dog too much or too little? Like everything else in life, different dogs will need different amounts of food, depending on their size, breed and activity level. The best way to find out what your dog needs is to consult your vet. She can help you figure out what your dog’s needs are and help you design a healthy, balanced diet based on those needs. And don’t forget, feeding your dog the right amount of calories will also help them stay healthier longer, so it’s worth the extra time and effort to find the perfect balance between dog food and your dog’s needs.

Is there such thing as dry kibble or canned food for Shih Tzu’s? Both options are healthy and nutritious. And although both kibble and canned are highly recommended by health professionals, some dogs seem to prefer one over the other. If this is the case, then a quality kibble with a balanced combination of meat, vegetables and fruit would be a good choice. If you’re still not sure, then give the dog food recipe below a try.

Shrimp, chicken or beef should be the main source of protein for your pet dog. But if you don’t have the time to prepare this type of meal, you can always opt for fish, rice or corn instead. Choose the grain that your pet likes best and use it to make a high-quality food mix. Remember that wheat, corn and soy are questionable ingredients for Shih Tzu food as they may cause digestive problems.

Chicken is a great source of protein, but you can also opt for turkey or duck instead. To keep the overall caloric content low, avoid adding sugar or salt to the mix. To promote muscle mass, add wheat, fish or rice to the mix to give the dog food with a kick. Dry, finely chopped turkey or duck adds extra bulk and is highly recommended by many veterinarians. If you’re feeding your Shih Tzu puppies, opt for whole or ground turkey to give them the necessary protein.

Salmon is also another great source of protein. It’s easy to digest and you can find canned salmon in just about any supermarket these days. You can sprinkle some of it on top of your dogs’ meals or mix it in with the regular food as a snack. Because it contains so many vitamins and essential minerals, salmon oil is an excellent addition to your dog’s diet.

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