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The Correct Way to Use Technique of Basic Dog Commands

Teaching your dog the basic dog commands is one of the most important parts of dog training. Without these basic commands, your dog has no way to relate what you’re saying, or the environment you are in, with what he wants to do. If you don’t teach your dog these basic dog commands, then the other commands he learns later on won’t mean a thing. And if you don’t get these commands taught, your dog may never learn them at all.

The first technique of basic dog commands deals with your dog’s knowledge of verbal commands like come, heel, and sit. Your dog will start learning these words from you, followed immediately by a verbal command to do it. Don’t use the term “come” in this example. Instead, use “here” or “here’s”. The reason for doing this is to enforce your dog’s knowledge that you mean business, and that verbal commands followed by action are the way to go.

The second technique of basic dog commands deals with your dog’s ability to know where you are in the dog training hierarchy. This also ties into part of the basic dog commands. Part of the way to make sure your dog learns good behavior is to keep your distance, to give the dog enough space to roam and act. If you try to pull ahead of your dog in any way during dog training, this reinforces bad behavior.

One way to keep from undermining your dogs’ basic dog commands is to be consistent in your training. As with children, if you don’t want something to happen, simply avoid doing it. This is the same with dogs.

Another way to avoid behavior problems is to establish the basics of training early on. Teach the basic dog commands to your dog, and then continue to practice them constantly. Your dog doesn’t learn to do anything unless you tell him or her. If you begin training too quickly or give up on the idea after a few days, you will likely have behavior problems.

Basic dog training can be very enjoyable for both you and your dog. It’s not necessary to spend long hours with each other, although long training sessions are best. Dogs can be trained by you one on one, while at the same time spending some time with each other. However, you will need to remember one fundamental rule when training your dog: repetition is key. Repeatedly repeat words or commands that your dog understands, until your dog gets the point.

In general, most dogs can be trained within 10 days. Be patient, as it takes a considerable amount of patience on your part, as well as the dog’s. Once you begin your dog training program, you should stick to it, taking regular, short breaks to take your dog out for a walk. A well-behaved dog is a happy dog. Repetition of basic dog commands will ensure success in your training efforts.

It’s important to teach your dog the basic dog commands. These simple yet essential tools will make teaching your dog much easier. When you have mastered these basic dog commands, you’ll be able to teach additional commands as well. The more you practice them, the more they will become second nature. Eventually, you won’t need to teach your dog new commands.

Some basic dog commands include: Heel, Come, Sit, Stay, heel, and Come! Teaching your dog these basic dog commands will teach them how to behave around other people, and other dogs. This will make training your dog enjoyable, as well as simpler.

Dogs respond best to positive reinforcement. Therefore, you should always be positive when training your dog. Keep praising him or her when they do what you ask of them. Your dog needs to know they are doing right, or the training will never be successful. Always offer treats when your dog responds correctly to a command. This makes the reward more likely to be used.

It’s important to keep in mind that the basic dog commands are just that, basic. They will not teach your dog how to fight or how to handle a particular situation. However, by using positive reinforcement when they are being misbehaved, you can teach them how to better handle themselves in the future. You will also find it much easier to get along with your dog, as well as making training much easier over time.

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