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Toy Dog Breeds As Service Animals

If you are looking to have a pet then you should consider getting a dog of one of the many known and popular type of dog breeds. This is because there are several advantages that you can get from having a dog of one of these breeds. Just read on and know more about these common dog breeds. Perhaps, this information will help you become a better owner of a pet dog of your own.

The herding type of dog breeds was recognized as a part of the sporting group in 1983. Herding dog breeds are basically assistant of humans at the task of ridding livestock such as cattle, goats, sheep, and even reindeer. A lot of these dogs are used as companions and herders for sheep. These types of dog breeds are very loyal and protective towards the humans that are around them. They are very good watchdogs, good at controlling the flock and the land, and easy to train. Herd dogs do not have the tendency to overheat unlike the other types of dog breeds.

The Sporting type of dog breeds was developed as a form of hunting dog for those people who prefer to hunt some sort of animals. These dogs are bred to be fast and alert. They can also be used for tracking and security. Unlike the herding type of dog breeds, these dogs can also be trained to be guard dogs.

Another type of dog breeds that can make a great companion is the service dog. There are some service animals like guide dogs and service dog that can be used to assist the physically or mentally challenged individuals. They are usually trained to perform certain tasks that can improve the individual’s ability to help others. Service dog breeds usually work with the blind, deaf and the physically disabled.

One type of dog breeds that can also work as service and non-sporting dog breeds are the hunting and rescue dog breeds. There are many of these breeds available today which was originally bred for the purpose of catching game. These hunting dog breeds usually come in different sizes and breeds. Some of the most common hunting and rescue dog breeds are the German shepherd, cattle mutt, golden retriever, spaniel, jack russell terrier, Labrador Retriever, spaniels, golden retrievers and the American bulldog.

A big reason why these kinds of dogs are often used by businesses or covered entities is that they act as service animals. As mentioned, most business organizations require their employees or covered entities to have these kinds of dog breeds as companions. This way, the employees or covered entities will be less likely to have accidents inside the workplace.

In most cases, when a service animal’s life is threatened by another, the other animal will back down rather than fight back. However, this may not always be the case. As stated earlier, some dogs are trained to be fierce fighters. A staff may feel threatened by such aggressive dog and will resort to physically harming the dog.

One type of dog breeds that is frequently used by cities as service animals is the Pit Bull. In most cities across the country, pit bulls are banned altogether as they are considered dangerous to the public. However, if you own a dog of this breed then you will be allowed to bring the dog into your city. The only time pit bulls are not allowed in a city is if the local governing body does not permit them to be owned.

Toy dog breeds are also often chosen as service or companion animals because they are fun to take with. These types of dogs are well known for being obedient, gentle and very lovable. The personality of a toy dog breeds can mesh well with children who have a lot of energy. A happy and playful dog such as a toy dog breeds will make a great pet.

Not all dog breeds are bred to be companion or service animals though. Some dog breeds are bred purely for the sport of dog fighting. These fighting dog breeds can cause extreme injury if allowed to fight other dogs.

It is important that you learn about the personality of the dog before deciding if the dog would be a good choice for you or your family. Different personality traits exist among different dog breeds. If you know what kind of personality you want for a pet then it is much easier to find that type of dog for your household. Toy and lap dogs do not fundamentally alter from their original breeds when it comes to how they act, behave and bond with people. They are still dog breeds just like any other pet and should be treated with care.

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