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Types Of Dog Breeds

There are many different types of dog breeds and all of them have their own unique traits that make them unique. Dog breed list is a very important part of dog owning. For dog lovers who only have the time to observe dog’s activity around the house then choosing the right type of dog breeds is crucial. Greyhound is probably the fastest dog breed, Greyhound can go up to 45 miles per hour. These were probably the qualities for which the common dog breeds are known.

However, the common Greyhound still doesn’t have many good qualities and it is not known as the best companion for the elderly. Service animals such as Greyhounds are known to be great companions for the handicapped. If you look at a Greyhound, it has a round face with a short stocky body structure. If you are not familiar with the working capabilities of Greyhound then you must know that these dogs can be aggressive, fearless and untrainable.

The other most common type of dog breeds is the Beagle. Beagles are known to be loving companions for children. If you are looking for a dog with a friendly disposition, then a Beagle would be the right choice for you. But because of their untrainable nature, Beagles are not recommended as service animals.

Another type of dog breeds is the Labrador Retriever. Labrador Retrievers are also known as faithful family dogs and they are considered to be good family pets. Labrador Retrievers are basically the opposite of the Greyhound; they are extremely agile and energetic, but they are fundamentally alterable. As long as the dogs are trained properly, they can be a reliable type of dog for service animals. In addition to this, due to their temperament, they can also be a reliable choice for therapy dogs. They can provide assistance such as assisting blind people and physically handicapped individuals as well.

The most popular American dog breeds in comparison to other countries are the German Shepherd and the English Cocker Spaniel. These dogs are popular mainly because they possess a very strong temperament, and they have been used for protection in Germany and England. The German Shepherd is primarily a herding dog which means that they will herding sheep or poultry in their environment. Due to this trait, they can be excellent companions for children in the households of herding families. The English Cocker Spaniel on the other hand is an English dog breed that exhibits a sweet temperament, exceptional hearing abilities and a wonderful sense of smell.

In some cases, service animals like guide dogs may be required to assist people with disabilities. Some guide dog breeds include the German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Yellow Labrador Retriever and the Pug. This type of dog may not be suitable for people who cannot train their dogs, and they should only be used as a companion or show animals.

Due to their primitive traits, these types of dogs need a lot of care, and they are usually not allowed to be house trained. Due to their nature, these dogs should not be allowed to be around small children, and they do not make good companions for lonely or abandoned pets. These primitive breeds were originally bred to assist hunters in their tasks, and they are very protective towards strangers. Their nature makes them excellent guard animals and if they get too close to humans, they could become aggressive and attack.

There are many other types of dog breeds that serve as service animals and they differ from the more common breeds just because of their purpose. However, all dogs serve a very important purpose and that is to protect humans and animals alike. A dog serves as a watchdog, and as a guard. Some cities require that service and protection dogs wear a identifiable collar that contains their name, phone number and address.

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