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What Causes Rabies in Dogs? Find Out Now

Rabies in dogs is quite a serious and often deadly viral disease. It attacks the central nervous system and gray matter. Usually, the rabies virus can be fatal to both the cat and the animal, though it is rarely so. Rabies is highly transmissible, meaning, it can easily be transmitted from one animal to another through biting, saliva, and even semen.

Rabies in dogs usually takes twenty-four to forty-six days to develop after being bitten by the infected mammal. The cat may not show any outward signs of rabies until several weeks after the initial contact with the animal. The symptoms to watch out for include general weakness, muscle fatigue, and loss of appetite, as well as possible fever, a depressed urinary tract, and loss of vision. A dog shows the first signs of rabies about three to four weeks after contact. When these first symptoms appear, the owner should take their dog to a veterinarian for proper diagnosis.

Because the first symptom of this condition in dogs is weakness, most people do not realize they could be heading towards what causes rabies in dogs until they notice that the animal is no longer moving as freely as it used to. Weakness can also mean that your dog is not interested in eating or drinking much. You should take your dog to the vet right away if you notice any of these changes in your pet. Rabies in dogs is not always easy to detect, especially since there are a lot of animals living together in a household. Some of the symptoms that your dog may experience include not wanting to eat or drink, losing weight, and having cloudy eyes or having the appearance of open sores on the skin.

Another factor that makes rabies in dogs so hard to detect is that only two-thirds of the people who get this disease do not show any symptoms at all. The remainder of the people who contract rabies in dogs show some of the same signs as humans but don’t show the full symptoms. This includes blood in the stool or urine, convulsions, or unconsciousness. Rabies in animals such as dogs and cats can cause as much pain and suffering as in humans.

Taking your pet to the vet for a check-up and then taking him or her to the vet for a rabies shot is absolutely essential. It is extremely important to get the rabies vaccination before your pet is five years old. The rabies vaccine is also highly important if you plan on keeping a pet even later on. Even if you don’t plan on keeping a pet of any kind, you should still get your pet the rabies shot once every year. An hour exam and a vaccination are absolutely crucial when it comes to preventing this deadly disease.

Rabies is spread through contact with the remains of an infected animal, including the saliva, paws, muscle tissue, and other body parts of an infected mammal. It is also transmitted through breathing the respiratory secretions of an infected mammal. Again, because the rabies virus travels through the air and is transmitted via the mouth, it is absolutely vital that you take your pet to the vet regularly. Taking time out from your busy schedule to have your pet examined will help ensure that you are properly protecting your dog against this potentially deadly disease. While it is impossible to completely stop dogs and cats from getting rabies, having them vaccinated is your best chance at preventing this condition in the future.

If you suspect that your dog or cat has rabies, seeing a veterinary doctor is the best option. Although there is no cure for this condition, treatment can keep your pet away from the discomfort and pain caused by this viral disease. Once clinical signs appear, this is usually an indication that your dog or cat has several days or up to two weeks before becoming fully recovered. Rabies takes twenty-four hours to develop in humans, but can actually occur up to six days before symptoms appear in dogs and cats.

Rabies does not only affect cats and dogs. Dogs and seals can also be infected by this disease. However, it is more prevalent in these species due to their natural affinity to humans and their ability to mistake the signals that come from humans. The last thing you want is for your dog to become infected with rabies and therefore become unable to lead a normal life due to this medical condition.

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