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What Ingredients Should Not Be in Dog Shampoo?

What is in dog shampoo? There are many different dog care products on the market, and most contain at least one or more of the ingredients that are thought to be harmful to dogs. The most dangerous ingredients have been listed in black and white listings. These ingredients are known or probable causes of cancer in humans. Not all dog care product manufacturers list these ingredients, however, since they are considered “probable” causes, and not listed on the label as to what they are actually composed of.

The skin is actually the largest organ of a dog. The skin not only guards a dog against the outside world, it also regulates temperature and provides a feeling of touch. You never want to add ingredients such as dyes, petroleum-based oils, synthetic dyes, Phosphates, or perfumes to your dog’s skin. In fact, some of these ingredients may even cause allergic reactions in your dogs.

One of the ingredients to avoid is called coconut oil. Coconut oil is produced from the copra glands of coconuts. It is safe for human use, however, it is not safe for use on dogs, as it is considered a petroleum product. Products made from coconut oil should never be given to dogs as food or dog shampoo, as it may cause severe respiratory and intestinal reactions.

Another ingredient to avoid is byproducts, which are commonly found in many dog foods. Byproducts include lactic acid, which is caused by yeast. Lactose is also produced when yeast consumes sugar. Dogs cannot break down these byproducts, so they become trapped in the stool or urine of the animal. Over time, this can cause numerous digestive and internal problems that can ultimately lead to death.

Another common cause of digestive issues is a lack of protein in the diet. Some dogs lack the ability to digest protein properly, so they develop allergies to certain ingredients in their diet. While it is important to provide your dog with quality meat, you should avoid using protein shampoos that contain byproducts. Instead, you should look for high-quality formulas that contain only ingredients that are necessary for the coat.

One of the best ingredients to use in dog shampoo is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). This chemical is used to create foam in detergents and fabric softeners. However, it has been known to cause irritation in some dogs. Sodium lauryl sulfate is also commonly used in lotions, creams and gels. If your dog has any signs of skin irritation after washing, you should discontinue using these products and look for another brand. SLS is also a key ingredient in many disinfectants, so you should avoid products that contain this compound as well.

Many dog owners do not realize that some pet shampoo and conditioner ingredients can be harmful or even deadly for your pet. While most dogs shed, this does not mean they are clean. In fact, this condition is caused by a build up of dead skin cells, bacteria and dander. When the hair dries, these particles can become stuck in the root systems, which can cause an infection and a painful inflammation.

While it may seem tempting to purchase a conditioner with inexpensive ingredients, this could very well prove to be a bad decision. Some of the cheaper shampoos contain chemicals and synthetic additives that are harmful to your dog. The ingredients in a conditioner should not be toxic, but most shampoos contain them. Also, avoid purchasing conditioners with artificial colors or fragrance. These chemicals can irritate your dog’s skin and lead to an infection.

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