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What is a Best Natural Puppy Shampoo?

The search for what is the best natural puppy shampoo is an eternal quest. Puppies, especially those born within the first year of life need special attention when it comes to grooming them. A good natural dog shampoo can provide significant benefits for your dog’s overall health, as well as his appearance. Puppy shampoo products often contain ingredients that are designed to help your dog achieve a beautiful, shiny and silky hair as quickly as possible. There are many chemicals that cause damage to our environment as well as our pets, so it is imperative that we as dog owners take special care in choosing the products that will be used on our furry friends.

The first ingredient most pet owners report to be harmful to their puppies and furballs alike are sodium laureth sulphate and ammonium phosphate. Sodium laureth sulphate is used as an ingredient in many shampoos, while ammonium phosphate is found in various dog food brands. Both of these ingredients are reported by dog owners to cause negative reactions, including dermatitis, itching, irritation, and even hair loss. These are problems that quickly plague the coat of puppies that become accustomed to constant bathing.

Another common dog shampoo ingredient that does not produce the desired results is coconut oil. This ingredient is often included in a long-lasting smell dog shampoo, yet it is actually one of the worst smelling substances you can use on your canine. Both the smell and the short-term effects of coconut oil on the dog skin are not particularly pleasant. It is extremely bothersome for your dog to have to consistently use a coconut oil-based dog shampoo every day.

Some dogs suffer from what is known as atopic dermatitis, which is an inflammation of the skin brought on by allergies. Coconut oil and other ingredients found in some non-organic canine shampoos may contribute to this problem, as well as manmade ingredients such as preservatives and coloring. At the very least, these types of dog shampoos cannot provide your dog with the long-lasting smell and health benefits of organic canine shampoo.

Another problem that can occur if your dog is constantly being subjected to harsh chemicals is what is known as dry skin. Dry skin occurs when the dog’s natural lubricants, called sebum, become stripped away. Sebum is the moisturizing agent for the skin. If this lubricant is stripped away, then it does not stick and remain where it should be to keep the skin moist and healthy.

This lack of moisture is what causes dry skin to form, so it only makes sense to use a shampoo that contains organic ingredients that promote the production of sebum. Organic ingredients do not contain any added fragrances, which are not good for your dog either. Some organic ingredients like Rosemary have been shown to be beneficial for preventing and treating bacterial infections.

Some dogs do not like the smell of certain scents, and if you have a particular breed or type of dog, there are some scents that just do not appeal. For example, I have a German Shepherd and while she does not like the smell of cedar, she does like the smell of juniper berry. My German Shepherd puppy has also indicated a dislike of the smell of citrus fruits. Both of these scents are citrus fruits, and although juniper berry smells nice, she would not tolerate citrus fruits in her shampoo, even a mild scent. Best natural puppy shampoo should contain ingredients that will address her aversion to citrus, as well as provide her with soothing moisturizing properties.

The best all-natural puppy formula will contain an array of plant-based oils and emollients. These are generally classified into two categories: non-allergenic and hypoallergenic. Non-allergenic ingredients tend to be derived from plants that are safe for most dogs to consume. Hypoallergenic ingredients tend to be derived from plants that cause irritation if ingested, such as bee stings or seafood. These ingredients may also be used in an emulsion, which can act like a cleanser and condition the coat at the same time. For maximum absorption and nourishment to the coat, look for the puppy shampoos that contain 16oz olive oil, which is excellent for cleansing and conditioning.

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