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What is a Best Natural Puppy Shampoo?

What is the best natural puppy shampoo for dogs? Is it okay to use human shampoo on dogs? Is it okay to use other animal shampoos or conditioners for your puppy? If you’re not sure what the answer to these questions are, then read on. You’ll find a lot of info on this issue, which will help you make up your own mind.

Best overall: Burt’s Bees Natural Dog Shampoo for Puppies… There are several choices here. I prefer to use the natural cleansing shampoo/conditioner that they offer, because they are all-natural (by law). They have puppies specific products for sensitive skin, coat, underbelly, allergies, fleas and ticks, etc. You can bathe them right after a bath or give them a “bathing only” treatment once a month if you wish. Their basic dog shampoo formula is also excellent, and you won’t find any artificial preservatives or colors, as many brands do.

I like Burt’s Bees Essential Oils for dogs as well. Both of these are in the top 3 dog shampoos in the U.S. They are both made with essential oils, herbs, and other natural ingredients. Their formulas are easy to use and good for sensitive skin.

Then there are Eucerin Classic Dog Shampoo and Fuzzy Heart Fuzzy Natural Adult Shampoo. Both of these contain lavender, Rosemary, mint, olive oil and aloe vera. They are both mild and gentle, which makes them very good choices for any type of dog. These fragrances help calm frisky puppies, especially when mixed with warm water.

For puppies that have sensitive skin, Purina Professional Hair Care for puppies and K9 Dog Grooming for adult dogs contain only natural ingredients. Their shampoos are hypoallergenic and use certified organic ingredients like sheep wool, cornflower and aloe vera. They are gentle and effective. Their dandruff prevention shampoo and guard dog shampoo contain salicylic acid for dry itchy skin and tea tree oil to prevent dandruff. Their conditioners work to soothe your dog and coat, and are also gentle and effective.

The same manufacturers that make these premium dog care products also make an excellent line of pet grooming products as well. My favorite is their Therapeutic Conditioner. It’s formulated to reduce dry skin and dry, itchy skin while moisturizing. It works well for sensitive dogs and can be used on puppies and adult dogs. They make a good conditioning shampoo as well as a body wash, but I prefer the Therapeutic Conditioner.

For dogs that have problems with oily skin or have sensitive skin, the best dog shampoos contain only natural ingredients. Earthbath Personalized Shampoo by Earthbath is a great line that has healthy, organic ingredients. Earthbath uses only the finest and purest ingredients to make this line of pet care products. It contains aloe, coconut oil, grape seed, beeswax, yellow dock and wheat germ.

For puppies that have really sensitive skin and require daily rinses, you need to consider a line with a moisturizer. My personal favorite is the Alpo Fortified Shampoo by Earthbath. This line is excellent at moisturizing, keeping puddles to the minimum, and relieving irritation. What is a good lather with Alpo Fortified Shampoo? About a plus point for all of the puppies that have fleas, because it will keep the fleas off your beautiful puppies.

Peppermint by Garden of Life is another excellent option for a flea repellent shampoo. This line contains peppermint essential oils to help in tick and flea prevention. Peppermint is extremely powerful as an antiseptic, and its essential oils are scientifically proven to repel fleas and ticks. It is not only an excellent flea deterrent, but it can also be used on humans. If you use peppermint on your exposed skin and get an intense minty scent, you will be repelled by the mint’s power and it will likely cause no irritation whatsoever to you.

Ticks and fleas are a problem every dog owner faces at one time or another. While many dog flea treatments on the market do a good job at keeping them off our dogs, these expensive chemicals do little to alleviate our dogs’ suffering. Although the chemicals in commercial dog flea treatments are very effective, they can also be harmful to your dog and cause negative skin reactions in your dog. Natural flea repellents on the other hand, like those found inotes for cats, work with your dog’s body to keep these unwanted parasites from thriving on his skin.

It may seem like a silly question, what is the best natural puppy shampoo, because there is really no right or wrong answer. What works for one dog will not always work for another, and what is too harsh for one dog may not be harsh enough for another. You need to experiment and find what works best for your puppy’s skin and temperament. Just remember that anything that irritates your dog’s skin is a bad choice, so be very gentle with your puppy’s skin!

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