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What is Basic Dog Commands?

Learning what is basic dog commands is essential in developing and maintaining a relationship with your pet dog. Teaching your dog what is basic dog commands is important for the overall health of you and your dog. Teaching basic dog commands will help to establish yourself as the leader of your pack. Without this basic understanding, you may often find your dog complying only because he or she is afraid of you not following the commands. As with any type of training, consistency and repetition are essential.

Dogs begin to learn what is basic dog commands when they are puppies. Most puppies nip and scratch at their owner’s while being trained. This stimulates a desire to “settle” in where the dog is feeling secure. As the puppy progresses from being stimulated by their owners to simply “playing” (or ignoring) the dog this desire to “settle” will lessen.

When teaching your dog what is basic dog commands, it is important to remember that dogs are very visual animals. A dog may not be able to verbally communicate that he desires a toy or food. Instead, the dog will want you to give it something that it is interested in. For instance, if you have a dog that wants you to put a treat in its mouth when it starts to whine, you are most likely to do it. If you start in this way, your dog will start to understand what you are requesting and will most likely want to give you what you request of him.

When teaching your dog what is basic dog commands, it is important to use a positive reinforcement strategy. When a dog responds correctly to a command, give him a treat. This will reinforce the correct behavior and continue the training. Do not use punishment in connection with the basic dog commands. Using negative reinforcers such as yelling or hitting will only teach the dog that these behaviors are considered proper responses. This can result in your dog complying because it feels like it has to in order to avoid being corrected.

Teaching your dog what is basic dog commands can be accomplished through trial and error. You will need to practice your commands until they are ingrained into your dog’s psyche. Try out different commands until you are comfortable with them. If you do not feel that you can comfortably teach your dog a new command, try an obedience class for guidance.

It is important to understand that a dog does not always react to what is basic dog commands the same way that a human does. Some dogs respond to loud voices much better than others. You may also find that your dog responds differently if you apply the basic dog commands while they are calm or afraid. If your dog obeys your commands in a calm manner, reward them. If they are too afraid to obey, ignore them.

Once you understand the difference in how your dog reacts when you teach them basic obedience commands, you will be able to make the lessons repetitive so that your dog learns the basic things consistently. You may also want to consider teaching your dog one particular command at a time until you are comfortable with them. If you use this method, you should be able to teach your dog a new command with success.

When you are first learning what is basic dog commands, it can take a lot of time for your dog to understand. As long as you stay consistent and give them praise when they perform a command correctly, your dog will learn them quickly. Make sure that you are using the same commands for each command and continue to practice them. Also, do not underestimate the power of using pictures and text to teach your dog. You can incorporate both of these into your commands so that your dog associates them with a specific action.

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