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What Shampoo is Not Good For Dog Bathers?

When you are shopping for what shampoo is not good for dog hair, you may be surprised by some of the ingredients. Shampoo is a great way to get the dog’s coat and skin cleaned, but it is full of additives that many people do not realize are bad for the animals. If you read the label of any dog shampoo that you plan to buy, you may notice that it contains at least one or more of the following ingredients. You should avoid buying dog shampoo that contains these ingredients if you want to keep your dog healthy.

Petrolatum is commonly found in what is known as baby shampoos. This substance can irritate the skin, especially if the dog is a high breed or has long hair. The residue left on the floor after using a baby shampoo like this can lead to a build up of mineral deposits that cause irritation. There are better options for what is not good for dog shampoo.

Petroleum based ingredients are not good for dogs, even if they are labeled “dog grooming products”. Many pet stores sell human grooming products that are supposed to be good for dogs, but the truth is that many of them are made with petroleum based ingredients. This ingredient is cheap and easy to obtain, yet it is detrimental to the health of the animal.

While most grooming products contain small amounts of certain chemicals, one of the most common chemicals found is nitrosamines. Nitrosamines is often included as a way to make the product last longer, and also adds some sort of aroma to the bottle. While the smell may be natural to some, your dog will not appreciate the smell and will become irritated. These chemicals are found in both veterinary and commercial pet medications, as well as cleaning supplies.

What you should not use in what dog shampoo is something that contains mineral oil. Mineral oil is derived from crude oil and is not compatible with the skin. While it can be used in homemade products and as a moisturizer on human skin, it is an inferior choice for the skin of a dog. Dog grooming products that have mineral oil have been proven to cause skin irritation and to promote breakouts.

What you want in what you give your dog as a bath time treat is something that will lather nicely and thoroughly. You do not want to give your dog something with a heavy residue of petroleum based ingredients and large amounts of chemical additives. While these types of shampoos may feel nice to your dog when they come out of the tub, they will not provide a healthy coat and will not help your dog to feel better.

What you should not give your dog as a bath time treat is regular shampoo or even conditioner. These types of products were not made for dogs and will not provide any benefits to them. Even though they have human acid mantle in them, regular shampoo will wash away this acid mantle over time. Conditioner was not designed for dogs either and will actually dehydrate your dog. In addition to being bad for dogs, they are expensive and will cost you much more than what you spend on regular shampoo.

What you need in what you give your dog as a bath time treat is something that will not strip away the moisture from their skin or kill their hair. A good natural alternative is a high quality dog shampoo that contains jojoba oil. This oil will soothe and heal your dog from root problems and is compatible with the human acid mantle found in their skin. The jojoba oil will penetrate deeply into the skin and will moisturize the top layer. It will also help to balance the pH in the skin so that your dog has a healthy glow.

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