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What Shampoo Is Not Good For Dog Hair?

What shampoo is not good for dog hair? This is one question pet owners have been asking for years. Shampoo is one of the biggest expenses we encounter when caring for our pets. So what is the answer? Simply put – read the label of any shampoo you buy.

If you own a dog with dry or sensitive skin, always consider purchasing a formula which has been developed to be mild with gentle ingredients such as coconut oil, sheep’s wool, and aloe vera. For dogs who love to get dirt on their coat, a mild yet powerful deodorizing dog shampoo which includes baking soda along with other botanical ingredients is a good way to go. If your dog has dander or a ragged coat, choose a shampoo containing ketoconazole. Dealing with an ill pet often times makes us want to spoil them by buying the latest “so-called” best shampoo for dog care. However, if you take some time to read labels of dog shampoo, you will realize that there are a wide variety of shampoos available in the market today.

Although many dog owners use human shampoo on their dogs, the ingredients may be too harsh for the skin of the animals. Some dog shampoo contain sodium lauryl sulfate which is actually a detergent made from fatty acids. Sodium lauryl sulfate is very drying to the skin and can cause irritation. If you notice any sort of irritation on your dog’s skin, stop using the shampoo immediately and consult a veterinarian. Do note though that sodium lauryl sulfate is still used in some shampoo products despite evidence that it causes irritation and dryness.

There are a lot of dog shampoos which contain oxalic acid as one of the main active ingredients. oxalic acid is known to cause itching and redness. It is also known to be harsh on the hair and its effectiveness is not known yet. Oxalic acid shampoos should not be used on animals younger than two years old. Keep in mind though that oxalic acid shampoos can be purchased as gels, so it is much easier to use for older dogs.

Most dog shampoo contain sulfates because these are cheap to use as ingredients. The sulfates help get rid of oily coat or dander. However, when the dog shampoos get soaked with water, the sulfates start to work and this may strip the dog of his natural oils. This can lead to the dog developing a sensitive skin and may even lead to the dog developing dermatitis or an allergic reaction.

The best dog shampoo ingredients to look out for are ones that contain aloe vera and tea tree oil. These two ingredients are known to have soothing effects on the skin. They also help keep the dog’s coat shiny. Aloe vera is good for healing wounds and skin irritations. Tea tree oil is used to treat skin infections, blisters and insect bites. Most people do not know that these two ingredients can also help to prevent dandruff and maintain the health of the skin.

Some dog shampoos contain an artificial fragrance called “fragrance”. Fragrance is not good for your dog’s skin. Fragrance can trigger an allergic reaction and even cause nausea or dizziness. Some brands use scent to cover up the scent of their alcohol-based shampoos. If you notice that after using the shampoo your dog has a dry coat, then it is time to change to a gentler brand. If you continue to use the old shampoo with the alcohol-based fragrance, then it will only irritate the skin further.

Dog shampoo doesn’t have to make your dog excessively dirty. Natural, herbal shampoos are the best choice for keeping your dog clean and healthy. These types of products are made with all-natural ingredients that are safer for your dog’s health. Ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree oil and rosemary are gentle but powerful cleaners that are also good for treating dandruff and an itchy coat. It is important that your dog is given regular grooming so that it gets the recommended amount of oils and moisture from its coat.

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