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What Shampoo is Not Good For Puppy?

Puppy shampoo is a common question asked by dog owners as well as owners of other animals. It can be a very expensive expense to purchase the best dog care products and procedures. Not only are you going to need to find what shampoo is not good for a puppy, but you will also need to find the right kind of dandruff control for your new pet. Your veterinarian can help you with this as well. The health and welfare of your dog are of utmost importance. Keep a close eye on his behaviour and always know what he is in any given condition by keeping an eye on him.

Before purchasing dog shampoo you have to make sure it is specifically designed for dogs. There are some shampoos out there that claim they are for puppies and they are not. They do not contain the ingredients necessary to give your dog a healthy coat. So, when shopping make sure the ingredients state that it is designed for puppies.

If you are shopping for dog shampoo, make sure it is non-toxic and does not contain ingredients that may be harmful to your dog. Organic dog shampoos are available in many pet stores and even online. Organic shampoos will be free of man made ingredients such as dyes, preservatives, chemicals and alcohol. Organic dog care shampoos are great options for dog owners that want to avoid harsh chemicals and still find a gentle shampoo that is effective for their dog’s needs. Most people prefer organic shampoos over other types because they are gentler and cause less skin irritation for their dog. When your dog is constantly getting irritated, it is not good for his skin and can lead to skin issues later in life if not treated.

Check the ingredients as well. The last thing you want is to give your dog something that will cause them harm. Some of the more common ingredients include fragrances, colorants and alcohols. If you notice any of these ingredients listed then steer clear of your dog shampoo. Alcohols are drying so your dog’s skin will become dry and irritated. Fragrances can irritate the dog’s eyes and nasal passages.

Check the pH level. The pH level of your dog’s skin should be 7.3 or a neutral pH. If the pH level is too high it can create a flaky and tight coat for your dog. This can lead to dry skin and dandruff. To make sure you dog’s skin is not too dry use a mild dog shampoo and conditioner.

Find what’s best for your dog. If you are in the USA, choose a non-chlorinated shampoo. A non-chlorinated shampoo will be less harsh on your dog’s coat. It will not strip the dog’s natural oils. A non-chlorinated shampoo will also make sure that your dog’s hair has enough moisture so the dog’s coat does not get too oily. There are many non-chlorinated shampoos and conditioners available for your dog.

For dogs that are not yet potty trained you will need to find what’s best for your dog’s type of situation. For puppies that are still having their puppy diapers changed regularly, you should consider using a puppy shampoo or conditioner. As they get older you can still use these shampoos.

You should always ask your vet the question, what shampoo is not good for a puppy? A vet can give you the most informed advice. They will know what your dog’s coat needs and which shampoo is best for your dog’s coat. Make sure you have a healthy, clean dog and always keep it up to date. This will help you and your dog in the long run.

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