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Why Dry Versus Wet Dog Food Is Important For Your Dog’s Diet

Wet dog food provides your dog with an excellent source of nutrition and contains many necessary nutrients and vitamins. Most canned foods have a high meat content in beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and other more traditional favorites, plus vegetarian selections. However, dry dog food provides the same amount of nutrition, with fewer fats and sodium. The best type of dog food depends on a number of factors including age, health and diet, and activity level.

Young dogs have sensitive digestive tracts that are more susceptible to environmental allergens than adult dogs. This means that they are at risk for food allergies. Many dog owners experience severe gastrointestinal problems, including diarrhea and vomiting after they feed their pets table scraps. This is because dogs’ stomachs are designed to digest protein based ingredients and not chemicals or unnatural colors. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not use natural meat flavors to mask artificial colors and flavorings.

An Every Dog Owner sample buyer review can give you insight into various brands and the differences between them. You can also learn about specific brands and ingredients, including the AAFCO nutritional guidelines. The nutrition facts on wet food labels will outline each ingredient’s percentage in the dry form and percentage in the wet formula. Always read these to make sure your dog is getting everything necessary to maintain good health.

Dogs love fresh vegetables but many owners do not enjoy the taste of avoderm. It’s not a big problem for most dogs because there are alternatives such as avoderm plus and freeze dried. You can find both dry and wet dog food with avoderm, but it’s always best to buy the dry variety. The AAFCO nutritional guidelines can be quite confusing and many dog owners don’t understand why a dry product is better than a wet one. The answer is because avoderm contains more protein and is easier to digest.

Dry vs. Wet Dog Food Every dog owner knows that healthy dogs have a lot of energy. The next consideration is when to give their dogs an energy boost. When choosing dry dog food, you have more control because there are many types and flavors to choose from. When choosing wet dog food recipes, you want to find recipes that are high in protein and low in fat.

Some of the best wet dog food recipes available to use ingredients such as wheat gluten, whole grain rice, and peas as the first ingredient. Other good ingredients to include are carrots, apples, halibut, and dried beans. The first ingredient mentioned is usually the meat by-product. Look for lamb, beef, or bison meat by-products because they have a lower incidence of illness from pathogens than regular meat. Lamb is the most popular meat by-product and is the most common ingredient in most homemade recipes.

A Few Words About Senior Dogs And Their Diets If your senior dog has diabetes, you should make diabetic diets for your senior dogs. Diabetic diets should also be given to puppies and kittens because they have a shorter digestive tract and are more likely to develop allergies from the ingredients of their food. In general, the more active a dog is, the less active the diet should be. For example, a dog who spends a lot of time running should not be on a vegetarian diet.

Overall, the key to healthy, long, happy lives for your pet dog is to feed them a quality, balanced, nutritionally sound diet that is free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, additives, and chemicals. Wet food diets often provide a more consistent mealtime for your pet dog, but they lack the moist texture of canned dog food. Dry food meal may be convenient but it is not as tasty as canned dog food. If you are unable to make a transition from dry to wet dog food, switch to a canned dog food to start with. As your pet becomes accustomed to the changes, gradually make the switch to wet food.

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